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(from infants to high school students)


Students learn both brush writing and penmanship and then obtain Kyu/Dan.
In addition to the lessons following the classes at school, we will provide instructions for correct writing order, homework of summer/winter vacations and various Japanese calligraphy contests.
As a part of a cultivating aesthetic sensitivity, students will freely select the words they hope to write, enjoy joy and pleasure in writing and enhance the balance in your body and soul.
You can also improve your posture and develop your concentration.

※We prepare for suzuri (inkstone case)/paperweight/underlay pad in our classroom.
※All you need to bring with you is a Fude(writing brush)/writing brush roll/pencil/erase


  • Practical Japanese Calligraphy Course

    You will obtain the skills that would be immediately helpful to write characters with a small brush, such as writing characters on letters/New Year's cards/ "noshi envelope for celebration" (envelop for money gift).

  • Instructors' Training Course

    You can obtain qualification as a Japanese calligraphy instructor by taking required examinations to become an instructor, such as wiring samples for children including basic instruction.

  • General Japanese Calligraphy and Calligraphic Art Course

    By learning your favorite style of handwriting, you can create your own Japanese calligraphy artwork.
    You can also send your artwork to Japanese calligraphy exhibitions.

  • Course for handwritten copying of Sutra/Buddhist name

    By concentrating on copying Sutra, with all of your heart, you can feel refreshed.

  • Practical Pen Writing Course

    You can learn Japanese penmanship by using your favorite writing materials, such as ball-point pen/fountain pen.

  • Japanese Calligraphy using coloring materials

    You will draw stylish and excellent seasonal pictures and write words with coloring materials on small square poetry card.
    This card is very popular as an interior decoration and a gift. This class is held once a month.

※We prepare for suzuri (inkstone case)/paperweight/underlay pad in our classroom.
※All you need to bring with you is a fude(writing brush)/writing brush roll/pencil/eraser.

Application Details

Application Period Any time
Admission Fee Adults 4000JPY
Children 3000JPY
Monthly Fee Adults From 5000JPY(the fee varies depending on the contents of lessons)
Children 4000JPY
  • ※The fee includes the price of sumi/writing paper.
We prepare for the tools in the classroom. All you need to bring with is a fude.
Please pay the fee on the first day of your lesson.
Cancellation/refund Please notify us about cancellation of your lessons by the 25th day of the previous month of cancellation.
The payment shall not be refundable in any way.

We have been providing free trial lessons

For those who experience Japanese calligraphy class for the first time, or those who are worried about taking lessons, we have been providing free trial lessons.
As we prepare for sumi (Japanese ink)/Japanese paper for calligraphy/tools for you, please you can visit us empty-handed.
First, please feel free to contact us.


4 classes in a month in principle, no lectures on Year-end holidays/ New Year holidays/Bon holidays/national holidays.
※We also provide visiting-type instructions to groups/individuals/companies etc.
※The schedule of the classes is classified by color-coding.

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